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Revolutionary new way to manage references

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Keep all your references in one place

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All parties have verified identification

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Share your references with a single click

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View references on demand

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  • Is this technology proprietary?

    Yes! All the workflows and proprietary software between applicant, giver, and viewer were patented in 2018!

  • Difference between CertifiedRecs private references vs. LinkedIn recommendations?

    LinkedIn public recommendations are usually given by peers, do not contain specific details of work you've done, and are not used in hiring decisions. Managers usually don't give recommendations on LinkedIn because if they give it to one of their employees, they get requests from all their employees.

    In contrast, private recommendations are given by your managers, are highly specific, and are critical in the hiring process.

    No matter how many public recommendations you have, you need a private reference to get hired.

  • How do I get a reference from someone?

    You fill out a few guiding remarks and provide them a link!

  • Can I view my own reference?

    No, to keep the integrity of the references, we do NOT allow users to view their own references.

  • As a manager, can I edit the reference I gave?

    Yes, you can edit or remove references you have given at any time.

  • Why do I have to verify my account before giving/viewing references?

    We want all recommendations to come from verified accounts. You only need to verify your account at the start, then you can use CertifiedRecs without restrictions!

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